The Importance of African Research

We find African Research to be of great importance, because much of the world’s identity depends upon it. By African Research, we speak of the study of Classical African Civilization, Human Ancestry, as well as all of the inventions and innovations that came into this world by way of Africa and the African. All Africans were not born in Africa, as many people have spread themselves throughout the planet over the ages. Nevertheless, we find the African to be the common ancestor of all of the natural people of the Earth.

As the “Cradle of Civilization” and the birthplace of Humanity, it is important for the people of the world to know that they are the children of Africa. Many people are in denial about this, and are even ashamed of it, but today’s science proves the African to be the parent people of the planet. Many people have been deceived as to the reality of who their foreparents are. Thus, a large part of the Earth’s population can be said to have an identity complex.

Through African Research we can begin to clear up this confusion. The contributions that Africa and her people, have made to this world have been of great value. Such information need not be hidden from the public. So, here at the Ta-Seti Foundation, it is our goal to make such information easily accessible to those who desire to join us in uncovering our great past and unlocking our tremendous potential.




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  1. This requires writing a new history of humanity – a human-centered history. Starting with the beginnings of the human family and the organization of human cultures. africa is the place of these beginnings.

    the African view of reality considers the entire world, where everything is connected and interconnected. Out of the First Occasion came an interconnected experience, A holistic, truthful teaching of human history begins in Africa. This does not make all human history African history, but it identifies all history as human and having its origins in Africa. While there is a singular human race, the history of the human race has become culturally distinct. Human history is the stories of people who have a common origin that happens to be in Africa. So, Africa is the place and location where telling the story of the human race must be centered. United States history is just a part of the ongoing history of humanity.

    History, as a social science project, is a presentation and interpretation of evidence. Any accurate and truthful teaching of history must be centered in and assert the essential common ancestry of the human race. From its origins, we trace our ancestry through the migration of people across the African continent and out of Africa into the world. Further, we note the development of culture and civilization – first in Africa then throughout the world. Tracing our cultural ancestry the moral/ethical framework of Ma’at is discovered. Ma’at provides a set of moral statements useful for guiding effective growth and development.

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