Our Board

Our Executive Board advocates for our foundation’s goals, establishes direction through strategic plans and polices, and reviews results. The board directors work collaboratively to write and adopt sound policies according to ethical and legal governance. Their leadership ensures the effective connections and functioning of our teams, programs, and services through continuous oversight of our operations. They are the front-line people who publicly advocates for building the reputation and advancement of the Ta-Seti Foundation’s mission.


Amoye Neblett – CEO/President

Amoye Neblett, M.S., is a retired school administrator, teacher, political activist, amateur archaeologist, historian and a musician. He worked as a school administrator in Community School District 17 in Brooklyn and as an O.A.C.E school Principal in the Bronx, New York. Before moving into the field of administration he was a classroom teacher of common branches for seventeen years. Upon his retirement he began volunteering in Egypt working for Dr. Anthony T. Browder on the Asa Restoration Project excavating a 25th Dynasty temple tomb. He currently studies the ancient Kemety language under Dr. Rkhty Amen and is involved in a translation project which will result in a new book. He is also a composer and saxophonist in the acclaimed Resura Arkestra.


Saundra Davis – CFO/Treasurer

Saundra Davis, M.S., FBS is a US Navy veteran, financial coach, educator, and consultant who is nationally recognized as an expert in the financial coaching field and for her work on asset building for the working poor. She is founder of Sage Financial Solutions, an organization that develops comprehensive financial capability programs for low- and moderate-income communities. Her high energy presentations inspire audiences to actively engage and practice skills to improve client communication and outcomes. Ms. Davis holds a B.S. in Management and an M.S. in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University where she is currently an adjunct professor in the Personal Financial Planning program.


Teresa Dobson – Secretary

Teresa Dobson is a graphic designer, web master and visual artist with more than 20 years of experience in technical support and information technology providing consulting and technical oversight to specialized teams throughout the state of California.  A skilled multimedia professional and avid traveler, Ms. Dobson collaborates with historians and educators to bring their vision to life.


Kenneth McRae – Director

Kenneth McRae is a seasoned technology professional with more than 24 years of industry focused experience. He is a co-founder of NextCoRE Technologies, LLC, a successful technology consulting firm. He has spent many years interfacing with CxO level executives at Fortune 100 and 500 companies leading technology initiatives across many industry verticals including  technology, healthcare, sports and entertainment, hospitality, science and engineering firms.  Mr. McRae is a natural leader who believes that successful organizations depend on exceptional people and competent management.


Vincent Wortmann – Director

vincent Powell-Reid is a former Division 1 football player, athletic coach, educator, video producer, and video editor. Since 2009, Vincent has used his skills as a video producer and editor to provide mission support for the United States Army and Army National Guard. In 2016 and 2017 he was awarded Certificates of Appreciation from the Army National Guard in recognition of his outstanding training support. Mr. Powell-Reid has an Associates Degree in Applied Science (audio engineering and video production) from Brown Mackie College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and served as president of the AVP Club.