Terms of Service

Greetings Family! Thank you for shopping at our store, and supporting Ta-Seti Foundation and our partners.


Payment of Goods

All orders must be paid prior to us starting to process your orders. To pay for orders, purchasers must make a deposit equal to the amount owed for orders placed. All payments are required to be made through Paypal.

Paper Products:

Sales for all paper products are final. However we will replace items damaged in transit. We will also re-ship items lost in transit. To be eligible, please notify us within 7 days of receiving the product by sending your name and mailing address to taseti-info@tasetifoundation.org, Specify the product received and the damage and we will send a replacement immediately. For products lost in transit, send your name and mailing address to taseti-info@tasetifoundation.org, specify the item ordered and we will send a replacement immediately.


Order Changes/Cancellation
Orders can be updated when in status as NEW. Once the orders have gone into PROCESSING they can not be edited or canceled without a 5-day written request. Because all products blanks are ordered custom daily, canceling an order that is processing may still result in fees for either blank products or for the full printed products. Canceled orders that have not been shipped whether printed or not can not be stored or saved for future orders.

Returns & Exchanges: Our wearable line are custom products, printed on-demand when you order. There are no exchanges or refunds.  Ta-Seti Foundation will review replacement/return requests for the following issues: faulty product such as a hole in a product, a print error relating to quality or incorrect image if it is our fault. Ta-Seti Foundation is not responsible for incorrectly provided addresses that result in lost or misdirected packages. If packages are returned to us for any reason and need to be reshipped there is a $5 reshipment fee along with the cost of the shipment. Size exchanges or general returns/exchanges are not the responsibility of Ta-Seti Foundation and purchasers must resubmit and pay for this type of order. Please notify us within 10 days of receiving the product in question by sending your name and mailing address to taseti-info@tasetifoundation.org. We will contact you to make further arrangements.

Processing/Delivery Timelines
Ta-Seti Foundation does not guarantee specific processing or shipment times. While we do provide guidelines and estimates for how long most orders take we are not responsible for delays that result from anything that is outside of our control.

Fulfillment Deliveries
Ta-Seti Foundation is not responsible for 3rd party delivery delays or lost packages. Ta-Seti Foundation will provide a tracking when available but it is up to the purchaser to track down or contact local postal service to track any lost or delayed packages.

Feel free to contact us for questions or additional information at taseti-info@tasetifoundation.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.