Our Company

The Ta-Seti Foundation Incorporated is a California based nonprofit corporation organized by a Core Team of dedicated African minds who decided that simply learning our historical truths is not enough. We are making a conscious effort to create stronger connections within families, neighborhoods, communities, and nations throughout the diaspora.

Ta-Seti Foundation’s Mission

The key mission component of the Ta-Seti Foundation is to formulate a foundation in support of the restoration, preservation and protection of manuscripts, archaeological sites, and oral traditions of ancient and traditional global African societies. Our mission will be accomplished through the development, production, and distribution of educational African History products and services throughout the diaspora for the benefit of the global African community.

Ta-Seti Foundation’s Vision

Our vision is to be a major platform in support of African-centered thought and African-centered luminaries of diverse disciplines via grants, fundraisers, and corporate sponsorship.

To carry out the Ta-Seti Foundation’s mission and vision, our Think Tank members work within the goals established by the Core Team and Board of Directors in the research, development, and production of various projects with a focus on collaboration with our corporate partnerships and African-centered luminaries.

The Ta-Seti Foundation and its Board of Directors are committed to attracting an international membership of Africans to unify, increase awareness, promote and develop growth for the liberation of Africans globally.  Our organization will identify existing and potential partnerships to develop a credible and reputable study center and an ongoing system for exchange of information relative to the preservation of African History. Additionally, the Ta-Seti Foundation will favorably impact our network of members, partners, and sponsors through the healthy interactions of African individuals, organizations, and businesses worldwide.

Ta-Seti Foundation’s Core Values

In establishing the culture of our foundation, it was important that we develop a set of rules of engagement with our members, partners, consultants, community organizations, and individuals. Our Core Values are the heartbeat of our foundation which serves as a guideline for our behavior and sets a standard of operations.

The Ta-Seti Foundation’s Core Values are:

  • Honor our ancestors through the preservation and documentation of historical facts.

  • Respect for our history and each other.

  • Integrity in all aspects of our foundation’s goals, plans, and actions.

  • Love for each other, our customers, partners, and sponsors.

  • Pride in ourselves and our communities.

  • Patience with one another as we learn and grow; understanding our differing backgrounds and levels of knowledge along our paths towards truth.

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